9 Products Found
  • Metal Corner Bead >
    Protects the corners of the drywalls and its edges.
  • "L" angle >
    Beam pole support. For structures located between floors.
  • Flashing >
    Roll of galvanized sheet to be formed into profile plugs and flashing.
  • Lateral support >
    To be placed as bracing for the Omega system.
  • Structural Stud >
    Structural profile designed to support the weight of the drywall. It is the recipient of the structural loads of a building.
  • Facade Studs >
    One of the main elements that form the structure for facade systems.
  • Omega pole >
    From the special structures system, to form gable roofs or roof framing.
  • Omega channel >
    Specially designed to be placed in the Omega system structures.
  • U Channel >
    Designed to be placed on Omega system structures, to form gable roofs or roof framing.