Ultima Light Ready Mix Compound

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This product is designed for treating fasteners and finishing joints and corners between gypsum boards in walls and ceilings, as well as for applying finishings, textures and making small repairs to gypsum walls. 

It leaves a smooth surface, which is ideal for applying coats of paint or reaching the desired finish.

It is 20% lighter than traditional compounds, and has been produced to prevent cracks and reduce the percentage of shrinkage which naturally occurs when the compound dries and loses water due to evaporation. 

  • Apply on fully dry and smooth surfaces.
  • If applied as a texture, it may require dilution. It is recommended that you add clean water in small portions to prevent excess water, which may cause cracks or prevent it from adhering. 

1.5 m2/Kg. (depending on the desired finish)17.4 Kg (38 Lb), 25 Kg (55 Lb)

This product has Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certification for its low VOC levels, friendly with humans and the environment.

This product has a 6-month warranty as from its manufacture date. Try to rotate inventory and not use products that have exceeded their shelf life.

The Ultima Light compound is manufactured to meet quality control aspects of the ASTM C-475 standards.