Metal Studs

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  • Uses and benefits
  • Assurances and certifications

Manufactured by using cold rolled galvanized steel G-40. It allows the formation of lightweight structures that resist normal loads of a dividing wall, such as shelves, pictures, mirrors, kitchen cabinets, etc.


It is a line of galvanized profiles painted with coatings made of resins, pigments and special additives, providing greater resistance to the environment.


They include three cant perforations at the proper height for the placement of electrical wiring, pipes or hoses.

To make racks for partition walls with drywall, and for the formation of mouldings, fixtures and ornamental items.


  • Strength, durability and design.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Simplifies implementation of structures.
  • Optimal solution for any structure and work.

PerfiRey metallic profiles have Panel Rey's quality guarantee.  They meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM A 653/A 653M, ASTM A792/A792M, ASTM A 924/A 924M and ASTM A 90/A 90M standards.

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