Joint Tape

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Product manufactured with high quality paper fibers to provide greater resistance. Sanded on both sides to increase its adhesion to the substrate. It has a central marking for easy folding, and it is the only one with micro-perforations for the paper to better embed with the Panel Rey compounds pulp.

  • Paper made from virgin and cross-linked fibers for maximum strength.
  • Ensures compliance with the dry and wet stress cracking values.
  • Allows heavy duty use, resisting tear and common damage during application.
  • Presents sanded faces and micro-perforations.
  • Marked edge for easy folding on internal and external corners.
  • Laminated with carton centers for easy handling during application.

Paper tape rolls with a width of 2" (5.2 cm)Lengths: 76.25mts / 250' and 152.4mts / 500'

Panel Rey quality guarantee.

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