Easy Set 15, 20, 45 and 90

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This light compound has a controlled setting time, ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications (areas protected from direct exposure to the environment, such as garages, porches, kiosks, etc.), based on the working time and the chosen setting time, which permits joints to be finished quickly and immediate decoration. 

This product is created for tape embedding, filling cracks and giving a final finish to interior gypsum boards applications, including metallic corner pieces and drywall trim.

  • Ideal for finishing and filling cracks on walls.
  • Setting is 100% guaranteed under any environmental circumstances (+10° C and up to 100% HR). 
  • Low density: up to 10% lighter than the regular compound for easy application.
  • Easy to sand, for a smoother and quicker finish.
  • Doesn't shrink or crack.
  • Can be applied in an environment with high humidity without delaying work. 

BinderActive ingredient
Vinylcalcium sulfate (hemihydrate)

Standards: complies with standard ASTM C-475.