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With Panel Rey, you get a light and complete system for the construction of homes across Mexico, receiving personalized professional advice. Obtain the greatest benefit from the development of engineering for the complete construction of a house of up to 3 levels, remodeling, additions and construction details, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Cleanliness in the work process.
  • A lighter structural system (savings in foundations).
  • Thermal insulation (energy savings).
  • Acoustical solutions (great comfort).
  • Speed for construction.


The following are some basic recommendations that will help you perform a great work:


  • Place control joints in drywalls at no more than 9.76 m. For Glass Rey facade walls and interior walls, at no more than 14.64 m in both directions.
  • The PermaBase panel must have control joints placed at no more than 4.88 m in both directions.
  • Place a TYVEK-type vapor barrier in facade systems with Permabase; and with Glass Rey, only in coastal areas.
  • In areas exposed to humidity, place a "J" bead between the drywall and firm panel.
  • For sliding panels, place control joints at no more than 14.64 m in both directions.