Discover the most innovative engineering system for the construction of buildings, business premises, and shopping malls.

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With Panel Rey, you get a complete system for building facades, walls, and any details for vertical buildings, shopping malls, corporate buildings, restaurants, etc.; receiving personalized professional advice.


  • A lightweight construction system.
  • Variety of products depending on the need.
  • Reduced construction time.
  • Acoustic insulation (savings).
  • Thermal insulation (savings).
  • Reusable items (Savings).
  • Easy installation.
  • Compatibility with other finishes.


The following are some basic recommendations that will help you perform a great work:


  • Place reinforcements for accessories such as fans or kitchens at the base of the anchor channel, before placing panels.
  • Use special drywall anchors if you are placing something directly on the panel walls.
  • Use the Panel Rey finishing level specification table to select finish.
  • Apply vinyl sealer directly on the panel prior to the application of final coat of paint.
  • Seal all downspouts with plastic cement and silicone, prior to the placement of drywall.