About us

Building an innovative history

We are a Mexican company with global vision. We offer an advanced integrated construction system.
Panel Rey is born

Our story begins this year when Grupo Promax starts operations at the Panel Rey plant, in El Carmen, N.L., with its own quarries which extract the highest purity gypsum rock.


So the cornerstone of a new construction system in Mexico is placed.

Cartoncillo Plant: Highest quality raw materials

To ensure the use of raw materials of the highest quality in the manufacturing of our products, Zinc Nacional, a sister company of Panel Rey, started operations in 1999 at the Cartoncillo Plant.


The main objective is to supply paper for the manufacturing of drywall.

National leaders and continental presence

Exceeding ASTM standards, our drywalls place us as leaders in the domestic market and successfully exporting it to the United States, Canada, Central and South America.


Through clear vision and experience, we have seen the times and needs of the construction industry.

Second production line: Leadership

As a result of our leadership and experience, our second production line starts.


The innovative automated machinery and the strictest quality controls and processes reaffirm Panel Rey as the leader and largest producer of drywall in Latin America.


Thanks to our customers: Third production line:

The success of our construction system is reflected in the preference of our customers, which drives us to go a step further, with the opening of the third production line in San Luis Potosi, implementing the highest standards worldwide.


We continue building our leadership. 

We build our culture

Daily mission

To differentiate our products and services through innovation, participating in every aspect of construction.

Committed philosophy

We are fully committed to excellence, innovation, creativity and continuous improvement as a way of life.

Broad vision

To be national leaders in manufacturing, marketing and quality services, growing towards an international leadership.

Panel Rey values

We are: Honest, Humble, Upright, Loyal, Respectful, Responsible And we work as a team.

Tip Promax En

The key element in our engine to continue moving forward is the ethic, being a reference internally with our employees, clients, suppliers, investors, community and anyone that interacts with Grupo Promax, inviting them to live our Code of Ethics and Conduct, being consistent with it in our day-to-day actions.

Download code of ethics here